Saturday, July 29, 2017

Roadway Excavation Nearly Complete. Paving Next Week.

Work Performed, July 24th to July 28th
·         Performed excavation and installation of gravel base materials within pavement widening area.
·         Removed unstable materials under proposed pavement widening area.
·         Removed existing asphalt pavement
·         Excavated under existing pavement and installed new gravel base materials

Work Anticipated to be Performed, July 31st to August 4th 
·         Fine grading of aggregate base materials
·         Paving first layer of asphalt pavement
·         Rough grading of landscape restoration areas

It is anticipated the first layer asphalt pavement will be installed next week. This is a major project milestone because the amount of dust will be greatly reduced as well as providing a smooth driving surface.

Thank you for all your patience as you have been traveling along a roadway under construction for an extended period of time.