Friday, May 19, 2017

Construction to Begin Week of May 22nd

Work Completed, May 15th to May 19th
·         Mobilization of equipment and materials

Work Anticipated to be completed, May 22nd to May 26th
·         Water Main installation via Directional Drill Methods

The contractor is planning on starting construction early next week with the installation of the new water main. The water main will be installed via directional drill methods. The contractor will excavate pits along the roadway, then push the pipe through a hole that is created under the ground. This method will greatly reduce the amount of open excavations along the roadway which should help reduce dust and lane restrictions.

During construction, there will be a significant amount of construction equipment and traffic during working hours (7 AM to 7 PM). Please use caution while traveling along the roadway.

As construction begins, residents will be dealing with travel delays, dust, disruptions to water service, driving on gravel roadways, and other inconveniences.  Please be assured the Village will work with the contractor to minimize these inconveniences to the greatest extent possible.